LERA Benevolence Fund

LERA accepts monetary donations from members, and nonmembers, to be used for the benefit of LERA members IN FINANCIAL NEED. Donations will be added to the LERA Benevolence Fund (LBF) unless otherwise directed by the donor(s). Donors can specify usage of their donation. If a donation goes unused for its donor designation—for example, the donation was specified for a member to attend an extended program, no members claimed it, and the program has passed—it is rolled over into the LBF.

Funds CANNOT be used for the benefit for nonmembers unless they are petitioning for LERA membership dues.

If LBF money is available, LERA members IN FINANCIAL NEED will submit an online application form. Any one (1) applicant can apply for LERA dues OR an enhanced program/conference offset up to $50 per calendar year. The application form can be found below.

The LBF application for membership dues is tied to RWA’s Perseverance Fund for national membership. Proof of RWA’s agreement to pay national dues MUST be included as part of the application to the LBF for LERA dues. LERA WILL NOT pay RWA national membership dues, or sponsor membership dues for other chapters, from the LBF.

If LBF money is available, a member can petition for funds ONE (1) TIME EVERY THREE (3) YEARS. There is a maximum of three (3) times in the lifetime of their LERA membership that a member can receive the award. There will be a $50 cap per calendar year per petitioning member on LBF money for LERA membership dues OR programs OR conferences.

There will be NO LIMIT on the number of awards given per year if funds are available. If money in the LBF is unused at the end of the year, it will be rolled over to the next year.


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Are you applying for LERA dues, a program, or a conference? Explain the need for this financial assistance. Each applicant can apply for up to $50 per calendar year.
Please upload a file with proof that RWA's Perseverance Fund has been used for membership dues.