Judges’ Scoresheet

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All categories are scored. To have the contest be a valuable experience for all entrants, LERA encourages feedback/comments on each score. If less than half the possible points in that category is awarded, an explanation in the comments MUST be given to explain the score. If the total score is below 65, please review your scores with a gentle touch. Scores below 65 will not be accepted. **Because scoring is based on readiness to be seen by an industry professional, all critique from judges should be viewed in that light and not used in lieu of professional editing.**
Ex: If it is labeled as PN-Paranormal, does it have aspects of a paranormal element?
Please describe at least one area this author handles well
Please describe at least one area this author needs to work on


Review the individual category scores. When finished, take a screenshot of this form - or export it to pdf. Then submit your scoresheet by clicking the submit button below. Upon clicking the submit button, your form is sent to the contest coordinator. No changes are allowed.