Help Your Novel Bloom Through Revision with Carla Damron

The process of revision is critical to the success of a novel. While creating a story comes from the magic of our imagination, revision requires our rational brain and our critical eye. In revision, we prune away the branches that go nowhere, the weeds that entangle our text, and the dead leaves that hinder growth. Revision is sometimes merciless sacrifice, but it is also the loving process of freeing the novel: letting it grow into what it is meant to be.

Carla Damron’s workshop Help Your Novel Bloom Through Revision will offer specific techniques to answer the questions we must ask ourselves as we revise: what moves the story forward? Where does the plot sag? How can we make the narrative the best reading experience it can be? And most important of all: How do we use tension in every scene?

This workshop will be presented via Zoom on Saturday, April 27, 2024 with the program scheduled to begin at 11:30am (Mountain Time).  There will be a short business meeting beforehand starting at 11am that you are welcome to join, if you wish.  Recording will be available to registered guests afterward.

Please pay the $10 non-member fee at the link:  The Zoom link will be e-mailed to you after payment is received.

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