Storycrafting for Emotional Resonance with Amey Zeigler

Many story structures explain how to lay out the plot beats for the external conflict, but how do you create the emotional path to intertwine with it?  Come hear Amey Zeigler show us how to craft the emotional arc no matter what plot pattern you prefer:  hero’s journey, save the cat, and even if you are a discovery author!

The meeting will be Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 11:00am (Mountain Time), with the program scheduled to start at 11:30am (Mountain Time.)  It will be a hybrid, meaning you can attend either in-person at Bear Canyon Senior Center in Albuquerque or online via Zoom.  Non-members please pay the $10 guest fee at this link, and the Zoom link will be sent to you:

Louise Bergin, LERA VP of Programs, hopes this will be a great program, especially for romance authors, to learn how to increase the reader’s emotional response while having a great plot.

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