Romancing the Grand Gesture with Sue Brown-Moore

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, our program will explore the Grand Gesture story beat with Sue Brown-Moore.

Come learn the storycraft behind why those big, memorable moments in books and movies make such a lasting impression and how you can create an iconic moment for your story that readers will remember forever. During this 60-minute presentation and Q&A session, Sue will deep-dive into the romance-writing beat The Grand Gesture to show you:

  • why not every memorable moment is a Grand Gesture
  • the 3 crucial story elements your story needs before you can set up your Grand Gesture moment
  • where a Grand Gesture should go in your plot’s story structure
  • the fill-in-the-blank template (a special “Line Lib”) that will help you script your Grand Gesture moment without writing a synopsis or plotting a full story outline (even if you’re not writing a romance!).

If you write character-driven fiction stories, don’t miss this talk on how to eke the most emotion and vulnerability out of your story without resorting to angst, poor communication, or jarring shortcuts. Every attendee will get a comprehensive Recap PDF that covers all the important highlights from the training so you can start scripting your story’s Grand Gesture right now.

The LERA meeting begins at 11am (mountain time), with the program presentation starting at 11:30am (mountain time).

This will be a Zoom meeting only, so please register here:

The program is free for LERA members, and $10 for non-members. Please pay at this link:

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