Trope Your Way to a First Draft with Juliette Hyland

Tropes are the foundation for most romances today. What is a trope? How do you use it? Does it produce cliched stories? Learn from Juliette Hyland how she uses tropes from the very beginning to create her stories. Get the tips and tools to help you do the same.

This will be a 2-hour workshop so come prepared to work on your story idea in-depth.

The meeting will be hybrid, both in-person at the Bear Canyon Senior Center in Albuquerque and via Zoom. Saturday, April 22, 2023. The meeting begins at 11:00am (Mountain Time) with the program scheduled to start at 11:30am (Mountain Time.) It is free for LERA members and $10 paid to the LERA website at

ZOOM Registration link:

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