What Romance Writers Can Learn From Marvel and Pixar

We’re going Hollywood for LERA’s August 27, 2022, meeting!

Marvel and Pixar have combined storytelling and fan service in a way other entertainment companies have not mastered. Whether you write stand-alones or series, it is worth looking at what they do to create movies everyone talks about and how they leverage insider knowledge to keep fans interested in what comes next. From building a world that is completely new but completely recognizable, to touching moments that pull our heartstrings, to training their fans to look beyond the story, Marvel and Pixar movies go big. Jen Graybeal will walk you through what they do and how all of this applies to writing romance novels.

Jen Graybeal will present on Zoom. This program is free to LERA members, and $10 (USA) paid via PayPal for non-members.  So mark your calendars for Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 11:30am (Mountain Time) and join us at the Bear Canyon Senior Center.

Please register on Zoom ahead of time, if you will be attending virtually. You will be contacted about paying via PayPal.

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