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August 14, 2021, Meeting – LERA Idol

This August 2021, will be the ever popular LERA Idol program, so it’s time to consider what you might submit. For our new members and to refresh those who have been through it, LERA Idol is when the first two pages of your current work-in-progress are read and critiqued anonymously by a panel of 3 excellent judges. We are fortunate to have Darynda Jones, Anna Taylor Sweringen, and Lauren Teffeau as our volunteer judges. Thank you, ladies!

This is open to all members–both unpublished AND published. It’s a chance to see how the opening to your short story/novella/novel/etc works in a cold read. Please register at this Zoom link to attend and then e-mail your pages to Louise at

Also per the discussion at the last meeting, there are a very limited number of slots available to non-LERA members. These people will need to pay the $10 meeting fee to participate. Please let your friends and former members know about this opportunity. 

The LERA Idol rules are:
Submit only the first two pages in a standard 12-point font, double spaced lines with one-inch margins all around. No need to start halfway down the page. In the header put GENRE – TITLE. Do not put your name anywhere on the pages. If during the Idol session, the author wishes to identify herself, that is OK, but she should not be known beforehand. You may submit more than one two-page opening, but please be aware, I would like everyone to get one crack at being critiqued before a second (or third or…) one is done.

People wishing to participate should e-mail their two pages to Louise at by Thursday, August 12.  I will gather them for distribution to the 3 judges. This will preserve the anonymity. We will have someone read the pages aloud, then the judges will offer their opinions. Members listening to the meeting may also offer their thoughts.

Please remember that what is suggested is only an opinion. The author may or may not make the suggested changes according to her story’s vision. It can be difficult to hear, but please remember, all of us want to produce the best work possible and to help each other along this writing path.

I will need someone to read the pages aloud and am asking if anyone would like to volunteer as a judge. Otherwise, I will be contacting members to serve as volunteers.

So get those pages e-mailed to Louise at

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