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Goal Setting for the Chronically Disappointed Writer – January 9, 2021

LERA will be having our regular monthly meeting virtually on Saturday, January 9, 2021. The business meeting starts at 11:30 am with the program starting at 1:15 pm.

Goal Setting for the Chronically Disappointed Writer,” by Jeannette Grey

“Self-help gurus and life coaches will tell you to think positively and success will fall into your lap. But if that worked, would they still have jobs? If thinking positively hasn’t gotten you on any best-seller lists, maybe it’s time to try something new. In this hands-on, interactive workshop, multi-published hybrid author and experienced self-re-inventor Jeanette Grey will challenge you to probe your darkest depths for the sources of your disappointments and resentments in your writing career. Then, we’ll tackle those issues head-on, discussing the fallacies that keep people barking up the wrong trees, and strategizing how to both harness and silence the Debbie Downers that live in all of our heads. Participants will leave armed with new areas for improvement, refreshed serenity to accept what they cannot change, as well as actionable, concrete goals for how to make progress and find more joy in their careers—and their lives.”

Please join us for this wonderful program!

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