2020 Finalists LERA's The Writer

The Writer Round One Finalists!

Congratulations to the Round 1 Finalists in LERA’s 2020 The Writer Contest! The finalists are listed below. Feel free to congratulate your friends and colleagues for this amazing achievement.

What’s next?

September 16, 2020 —Round One Finalists to submit a synopsis and letter of intent to final judges

October 4, 2020 — Round Two Winners Announced

The Writer 2020 Finalists
Maggie SimsSophia’s Schooling
Candace LucasWho Knew the Apocalypse Would be so Boring
Hartley GrayA Simple Plan
Ava JanuaryThe Lady Detective
Loretta ChefchaouniDance, Dance, Die
Denise HuddleWest Texas Heat
Susan B. JamesLord Byron’s Daughter
Marsha McDonaldIf Summer Were Spring
Lisa AbrahamBowled Over
Lynn MooreA Stout Heart
Karen KincyWildfire in Her Blood
Janice MorganCaptain’s Darlin’