March 14, 2020

Gloria Marcott from Soul Punch Self Defense is coming to present on March 14th, 2020. Before recently retiring from the force, Gloria has spent 16 years in the police department where she’s become a firearms expert and instructor, officer survival trainer, vehicle and close quarter battle instructor, ground control expert, and defense tactics expert. She’s also been to SWAT school.

Bring your questions about life as a police officer, writing violence into your books, and anything else you can think of relating to her experience, with you!

NOTE: If you’re interested in participating or being part of any demonstration, please DRESS APPROPRIATELY AND COMFORTABLY. This means pants, sneakers, etc., basically clothes you can move in.

Disclaimer: Participation is voluntary, and Land of Enchantment Romance Authors takes zero responsibility or liability for injuries sustained, or damage to clothing. Participate at your own risk, and use your best judgement.

Join us for the LERA board meeting.