Hive Mind Brainstorming

March 9, 2019 Meeting

Something you’re writing giving you trouble? Stuck on a plot point? Got a character who just won’t talk to you or who you just can’t figure out? Wondering if your conflict is realistic? Second-guessing your H/H meet-cute? Thinking your big black moment isn’t dark enough?

Time to harness the power of the LERA hive mind! Bring your writing woes (though if you have writer’s block, you should probably attend our February meeting!) and we’ll collectively see what we can come up with to fix that glitch in your story.

We will also work on fresh bios for our new website (and for your books).

This will be an interactive session on updating your brand/bio, promoting yourself on the website, using the new RWA microsite if it’s up, and brainstorming plot points/characters/writing questions.

Bringing a laptop is highly encouraged.

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