Writer’s Block and the Writer’s Block Myth with Heloise Jones

February 9, 2019 Meeting

Heloise Jones will be presenting on writer’s block!

Author, Speaker, & Consultant Heloise Jones is the founder of Fierce Heart™ Productions. As a mentor and facilitator of the writing/creative process, Heloise offers a unique experience to those she works with. Highly intuitive, with fields of wisdom from a host of supportive tools and experience as an artist/writer, she helps writers align to what matters to them and express it the best way they can…feeling understood, inspired, and motivated. Her book ‘The Writer’s Block Myth’ is described as the best book written about what being a writer is.

Heloise lives in Santa Fe. She’s always up for a cup of tea and loves all things creative. For more, visit HeloiseJones.com and linkedin.com/in

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