Painfree Productivity

Charlotte Black and Jordyn Kross Recently our LERA member, Darynda Jones, was featured on the RWA University podcast talking about productivity. We highly recommend members check it out here: There were several good notes on being productive, but overall the message was acceptance and finding ways to embrace your creative productivity style. But how do you discover what your productivity style is? And how do you adapt when the holidays, health, family, or the day job interrupt your process—that is, other than self-flagellation, which we writers are notoriously good at. How do you stay on track? Here are 11…

Worldbuilding and Setting

presented by Kate McMurray We all know the setting, not to mention the overall worlds our stories take place in, play almost as big a role as our characters do. But sometimes we write one where the story could be set in Idaho, Ireland, or Illinois without changing anything. Never fear! No matter if you're writing a historical, fantasy, or even a small-town or big-city contemporary work, Kate McMurray will help you get your setting, character, and plot to work together to create an unforgettable novel. Handouts will be provided to attendees.